Let's Talk about Chocolate!

Let's Talk about Chocolate!

 We help people to find light in their life by delivering high quality chocolate made with cacao sourced from the Colombian Amazon.  70% dark chocolate is blended with natural essential oils and cannabinoid.  

We believe this delicious combination triggers one to experience a flow state and engage to the fullest in what ever they are doing.

These chocolates are inspired on an ancient folklore story of Tahuu, a spirit animal made of light and thunder, a protector and a guide.

Tahuu is a company that wants to bring back the true meaning of cacao in pre columbian civilizations  throughout  the  Americas , a very rare item connected  with abundance, energy,  and security; We wrap our chocolate coins in a little gold foil that once opened, reveals a smooth, unique and yummy texture, melting in your mouth as pleasant as it sounds.

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